"We are committed to hiring military and veteran associates to help us remain true to our basic beliefs of integrity, leadership and responsibility. The training, experiences and education they have received are second to none."

Steven L. Spinner, President and CEO

We, at UNFI, are driven by nature to exceed the needs and expectations of our associates, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities. We are committed to honoring relationships, working in collaboration, and achieving mutual success. In short, we have a lot in common with those who have served, and continue to serve.

We recognize the value that servicemen and women can bring to our organization, which is why we are committed to employing veterans. The leadership qualities, technical experience, loyalty, work ethic and integrity they have gained throughout their military careers distinguish them in the civilian workplace. We strongly believe these experiences have prepared them to bring unparalleled dedication, teamwork, maturity, and expertise, as well as unlimited potential to our company.




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